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Creating a More Balanced Home

We’ve all seen the studies, and it’s no surprise: Moms all over the world feel over-burdened and have for quite some time. However, there’s a huge piece missing from all the research done: how are Dads are feeling within the family unit?  The answer might not only surprise you, but also help moms to solve this global issue.

You see, it’s that time of year again. That time when the parenting world focuses their attention on Fathers (for about a week). And yes, this Hallmark holiday is supposed to honor those who have taken on one of the most valuable roles this world has to offer. And true, some squander it. Many in past generations didn’t realize how lucky they were, but it’s a new day… and the truth is that for the remaining part of the year, most dads feel ignored. So, even with this Father’s Day now behind us, let’s remember that there is still one gift that can be given to dads year round… and it’s simple, affordable and most-likely far overdue – ACKNOWLEDGMENT. And, the more dads are acknowledged, the bigger the opportunity for them to be included in the conversation and given the space to truly engage, which will only help to alleviate any of the burdens moms often feel – allowing for more balance and support within our homes.

Check out a short video I recently posted on Instagram on this topic:

The fact is that DADS are not buffoons, always running from responsibility. We are not all watching the game while “yes honeying.” We’re not all robots living the mantra: “happy wife, happy life” without any thoughts or feelings of our own… and yes, we may not always do our best at expressing them, and that’s on us. But look around… at your local park or school. Dads are present. Dads are part of the equation. And that does NOT minimize moms, who deserve all the accolades you can add up…. BUT don’t forget that dads are there too. And we don’t just want a seat at the table… we’re already here … and we deserve to be acknowledged by parenting culture as well with more than just a self-deprecating meme or a bbq gift set.

Let this post be a reminder that PARENTS come in all shapes, colors, and genders. Let us remember that the most important aspect to taking on this highly undervalued but unbelievably fulfilling title of parent is not biology, but the choice made to be actively involved. And every single human who makes that choice deserves appreciation every day of the year, and that includes both moms… and dads.

So let’s drop this outdated myth of dads being completely uninterested in being involved in the family unit… and let’s start by not wasting this opportunity for acknowledgement.

In short, GO HUG A DAD… and be careful to not let go too quickly.


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