Season One

Dads Need Support Too

Our entire 1st season has led to this: In our quest to build a much-needed support network for dads – creating a safe space for fathers to explore their feelings on everything from modern masculinity to parenthood – Kevin welcomes Dan Doty, cofounder of Evryman, for a deep dive on how to let down your guard, build your support network as a father… and invite more happiness into your daily life.

The Evolution of Fatherhood (DILF’s DADvocate Series)

Is It truly possible for Dads to ever be seen as equals on the home front? Kevin welcomes Matt Schneider, a father of two who’s been an active stay-at-home dad for over 15 years and is also the co-founder of City Dads Group, a national organization dedicated to bringing dads together. In today’s episode, they share a very eye-opening conversation on how the world’s view of fathers has evolved over the past two decades as well as steps men can take to increase the acceptance of fathers as primary caregivers.

King of THE DAD Meme (DILF’s #DadsOfInstagram Series)

Can a Dad Meme actually help you to feel closer to other dads? Kevin welcomes Joel Willis, the Editor in Chief of THE DAD (the social media giant) to discuss everything from the surprising depth of Dad Memes to normalizing vulnerability for men and strategies on flipping the script on the home front during quarantine…

Boundaries (DILF’s Co-Parenting Series)

What happens if your co-parent has absolutely NO boundaries? Kevin welcomes back his wife/co-parent for an honest + vulnerable conversation on the importance of healthy boundaries… and his wife’s lack of any!

Choosing Parenthood | Gays With Kids

What makes someone a parent? Is it about your sperm/eggs or is it about being actively involved in the lives of your children? Kevin welcomes David Dodge, the Executive Director of Gays With Kids, who made a very conscious choice to become a father on an untraditional path that led to three beautiful children…

Reimagining Fatherhood (DILF’s DADvocate Series)

In these ever-changing times, how much has the role of fathers truly advanced over the past half-century? Kevin welcomes Kevin Shafer, a dad of four with a PhD primarily focused on the study of fatherhood, who provides a much-needed wake-up call for both men and women on why it’s so crucial that we ALL work together to create a more welcoming environment for fathers on the homefront…

Leading By Example

What’s the secret to tapping into our passion, while juggling life and all our parental responsibilities? Kevin welcomes Joél Leon, a celebrated artist whose Ted Talk on coparenting has over a million views, to discuss everything from finding ways to incorporate more creativity and passion into our lives as parents to leading by example in becoming the best version of ourselves for our children… and the work it takes to get there.

Father Figure | Dad, How Do I

How did an empty nester become the most celebrated DAD on the internet? With over 2.4 million YouTube subscribers, the dad behind DAD, HOW DO I opens up the heart that has made him an international sensation as we discuss celebrating our imperfections, the importance of being vulnerable in front of our kids, and how to prevent past mistakes from corrupting our present.

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