Top Parenting Podcast Launches 2nd Season with Focus on Mental Health of Parents (DILF Release)

Press release: TOP PARENTING PODCAST, DAD I’D LIKE TO FRIEND, LAUNCHES SECOND SEASON WITH FOCUS ON MENTAL HEALTH of PARENTS A favorite amongst dads and moms alike, DAD I’D LIKE TO FRIEND (aka The DILF Podcast) launches Season 2 this week with a heavy emphasis on mental health awareness for parents during a time when …

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The Road to Happy

Have you ever felt like you spend the majority of your energy just fighting to get to the end of your day? You are not alone… the real question is if this is the best way for us to be living our lives? As parents, our focus is often firmly planted on our children while attempting to balance all of the responsibilities on our plate — so much so that many of us have not checked in with ourselves in quite some time in order to see how happy we actually are. In DILF’s Season Two Finale, Host Kevin Seldon revisits the five items on his “Happiness Checklist” to explore opportunities for each of us to get back on the road… to HAPPY.

When Mom Becomes Dad

What if you had the chance to view the world from a completely fresh perspective… to be given the opportunity to comprehend what the opposite sex deals with on a daily basis? Here’s your chance as Kevin welcomes Nick North, a one-of-a-kind dad to five children, for one of the most eye-opening conversations on gender bias that you will ever hear from someone who began his parenting journey… as a mom.

Inventing Your Own Path

We all want our kids to have it all… but what if limiting SOME resources is one of the best ways to breed a more innovative mind? Kevin welcomes Elan Lee, the co-creator of Exploding Kittens, one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns of all time with over 200k backers and $8.7m raised. Together, they discuss everything from the benefits of creating resource limitations for our children and the importance of charting our own path — both in life and parenthood… to maintaining a sense of balance with all life throws at us while remaining an actively involved parent and partner.

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