New Parents

Inventing Your Own Path

We all want our kids to have it all… but what if limiting SOME resources is one of the best ways to breed a more innovative mind? Kevin welcomes Elan Lee, the co-creator of Exploding Kittens, one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns of all time with over 200k backers and $8.7m raised. Together, they discuss everything from the benefits of creating resource limitations for our children and the importance of charting our own path — both in life and parenthood… to maintaining a sense of balance with all life throws at us while remaining an actively involved parent and partner.

How to Avoid Handicapping Your Co-Parent (DILF Quick Hit)

Are you unknowingly handicapping your partner? Have you ever attempted to “save the day” when you overhear your coparent having a disagreement with your child? In today’s DILF Quick Hit, Kevin explores situations where we as coparents might be hurting more than we are helping — even if it’s done with the best of intentions…

The Curse of Martyrdom (DILF’s Co-Parenting Series)

Have you ever felt overburdened as a partner or parent? More importantly, have you ever felt like it’s just easier if I do it myself? if so, you are not alone. Kevin welcomes back his wife, Laura, for another installment of DILF’s Co-Parenting Series, exploring the concept of martyrdom, and how learning to empower those around us might just be the key to a happier and healthier home…

Dads Need Support Too

Our entire 1st season has led to this: In our quest to build a much-needed support network for dads – creating a safe space for fathers to explore their feelings on everything from modern masculinity to parenthood – Kevin welcomes Dan Doty, cofounder of Evryman, for a deep dive on how to let down your guard, build your support network as a father… and invite more happiness into your daily life.

Pregnant in the Time of Corona (DILF’s Expect The Unexpected Series, part 1)

Learning you are going to become a parent can cause some serious anxiety … let alone in the midst of a global pandemic. Kevin welcomes expectant dad & NBC News Reporter Kent Erdahl to explore bringing a new life into the world during the Coronavirus, as well as many of the unspoken fears surrounding pending parenthood — reminding us all that talking about our struggles is often the most important step towards overcoming them.

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