When Mom Becomes Dad

What if you had the chance to view the world from a completely fresh perspective… to be given the opportunity to comprehend what the opposite sex deals with on a daily basis? Here’s your chance as Kevin welcomes Nick North, a one-of-a-kind dad to five children, for one of the most eye-opening conversations on gender bias that you will ever hear from someone who began his parenting journey… as a mom.

Cover Art with Kevin and Laura Seldon and their son from DILF’s Co-Parenting Series from Season Two of Top Parenting Podcast, DILF (DAD I’D LIKE TO FREIND)

The Curse of Martyrdom (DILF’s Co-Parenting Series)

Have you ever felt overburdened as a partner or parent? More importantly, have you ever felt like it’s just easier if I do it myself? if so, you are not alone. Kevin welcomes back his wife, Laura, for another installment of DILF’s Co-Parenting Series, exploring the concept of martyrdom, and how learning to empower those around us might just be the key to a happier and healthier home…

Cover Art with Dave Callaham (writer of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse) from Season Two of Top Parenting Podcast, DILF (DAD I’D LIKE TO FREIND)

What Doesn’t Kill Us, Makes Us Stronger

How can we, as parents, raise bold humans who aren’t afraid to let down their armor and show what’s in their hearts? Maybe the best way to start is leading by example. Kevin welcomes Dave Callaham (writer of Hollywood favorites like “Zombieland: Double Tap,” the sequel to Oscar-Winning, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” and Marvel’s groundbreaking “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”) covering topics from the importance of fighting outdated stereotypes regarding masculinity and setting personal boundaries with work to what it felt like to create Marvel’s first Asian superhero for the big screen and write a lead character that he actually recognized in the mirror.

Cover Art with Abner Ramirez (Johnnyswim) and his kids from Season Two of Top Parenting Podcast, DILF (DAD I’D LIKE TO FREIND)

Living Adventurously… with Kids | Johnnyswim

Is it possible to live out your wildest dreams… while still creating a safe environment for your kid/s? In today’s episode, Kevin welcomes Abner Ramirez — one half of the popular singer/songwriter duo, Johnnyswim. Together they discuss everything from living adventurously while maintaining boundaries to keeping the romance alive… even with 3 kids!

Cover Art with Kevin Seldon from Top Parenting Podcast, DILF (DAD I’D LIKE TO FREIND)

#DadTruth (DILF REPLAY: s1, ep2)

In celebration of hitting #6 on Apple’s US Parenting Podcast Charts, we’re revisiting where it all began… a past favorite from our 1st season. The episode is called #DADTRUTH, and it focuses on the laundry list of things that unite us all as parents… IF we allow ourselves a moment to see things from a fresh perspective.

Rebuilding Connections (DILF’s Co-Parenting Series)

What’s the first thing to go when two busy parents juggle careers, children and their day-to-day responsibilities? Often, it’s their connection with each other — AND themselves. Kevin once again welcomes his partner-in-crime, Laura, for a new installment of DILF’s popular Co-Parenting Series. Together, they discuss everything from the struggles of maintaining intimacy with those who matter most to strategies for reconnecting with your partner, your kid/s, and yourself…

Dads Need Support Too

Our entire 1st season has led to this: In our quest to build a much-needed support network for dads – creating a safe space for fathers to explore their feelings on everything from modern masculinity to parenthood – Kevin welcomes Dan Doty, cofounder of Evryman, for a deep dive on how to let down your guard, build your support network as a father… and invite more happiness into your daily life.

Cover Art with Rob Kenney (Dad, How Do I?) from Season One of Top Parenting Podcast, DILF (DAD I’D LIKE TO FREIND)

Father Figure | Dad, How Do I

How did an empty nester become the most celebrated DAD on the internet? With over 2.4 million YouTube subscribers, the dad behind DAD, HOW DO I opens up the heart that has made him an international sensation as we discuss celebrating our imperfections, the importance of being vulnerable in front of our kids, and how to prevent past mistakes from corrupting our present.


We delve deeper into a dad’s perspective with the introduction of a #DadTruth – a simple statement that breaks down barriers by shedding insight into the modern fatherhood experience to reveal the differences and, often times, the many similarities between moms and dads.

Cover Art with Kevin Seldon from Top Parenting Podcast, DILF (DAD I’D LIKE TO FREIND)
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