How to Avoid Handicapping Your Co-Parent (DILF Quick Hit)

Are you unknowingly handicapping your partner? Have you ever attempted to “save the day” when you overhear your coparent having a disagreement with your child? In today’s DILF Quick Hit, Kevin explores situations where we as coparents might be hurting more than we are helping — even if it’s done with the best of intentions…

The Curse of Martyrdom (DILF’s Co-Parenting Series)

Have you ever felt overburdened as a partner or parent? More importantly, have you ever felt like it’s just easier if I do it myself? if so, you are not alone. Kevin welcomes back his wife, Laura, for another installment of DILF’s Co-Parenting Series, exploring the concept of martyrdom, and how learning to empower those around us might just be the key to a happier and healthier home…

Rebuilding Connections (DILF’s Co-Parenting Series)

What’s the first thing to go when two busy parents juggle careers, children and their day-to-day responsibilities? Often, it’s their connection with each other — AND themselves. Kevin once again welcomes his partner-in-crime, Laura, for a new installment of DILF’s popular Co-Parenting Series. Together, they discuss everything from the struggles of maintaining intimacy with those who matter most to strategies for reconnecting with your partner, your kid/s, and yourself…

Boundaries (DILF’s Co-Parenting Series)

What happens if your co-parent has absolutely NO boundaries? Kevin welcomes back his wife/co-parent for an honest + vulnerable conversation on the importance of healthy boundaries… and his wife’s lack of any!

Connection (DILF’s Co-Parenting Series)

Finding ways to sustain a true connection with your partner once you’ve had children is hard enough, but after dealing with the aftermath of a global quarantine… it’s especially difficult. In this episode, Kevin once again welcomes his wife, Laura Seldon, for Part 2 of DILF’s Co-Parenting Series, which focuses on exploring strategies to ignite passion in a relationship even in the most chaotic of times.

Acknowledgement (DILF’s Co-Parenting Series)

Nothing is more cathartic than being given the opportunity to voice your feelings aloud and have them acknowledged by your partner, especially when you and your partner are CO-PARENTS.
In the first episode of DILF’s new Co-Parenting Series, Kevin welcomes on his courageous wife, Laura Seldon, for one of the most raw + honest podcast episodes you’ll probably ever hear…

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