Gender Bias in the Home (DILF Release)

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The DILF Podcast Drops an Eye-Opening Episode on Gender Bias 

To kick off 2022, DAD I’D LIKE TO FRIEND (The DILF Podcast) dives into a revealing conversation on gender bias featuring a trans man with the
unique experience of living as both a father and a mother.

LOS ANGELES, January 05, 2022 — DAD I’D LIKE TO FRIEND, the top parenting podcast which moves the dialogue beyond life with kids to focus more on the mental health of parents, is kicking off the New Year with a focus on uniting moms and dads through a whole new series of in-depth conversations surrounding the struggles we all face in this beautiful, yet complicated world of parenting.

The first episode of the new year entitled, WHEN MOM BECOMES DAD, drops Thursday, January 6th, and offers a fascinating look at gender bias as host Kevin Seldon welcomes LGBTQ Advocate, Nick North of WE THE NORTHS — a trans man who has had the unique experience of living as both dad… and mom.

After giving birth to four children, North decided that he could no longer live a lie and began his journey transitioning to Dad. His story is not only compelling, but an eye-opening lesson in the realities of gender bias that many parents – both moms and dads – face on a daily basis.

“What I love most about this episode is that we didn’t focus on Nick’s transition story,” said Kevin Seldon, host of DAD I’D LIKE TO FRIEND. “What I found even more fascinating is how Nick has witnessed gender bias as both a mother and a father, and how he has used those insights to create an amazing family unit with his wife, his ex-husband, and their collective five children.”

“So often people want to focus on the struggles of my transition,” said North. “It was such a pleasure to dive deep into all of the things I’ve gained — like a new respect for parents all across the gender spectrum, as well as the peace of knowing I’ve shown my kids the power of celebrating our truest selves, even when it’s messy.”

Dad I’d Like To Friend, which recently hit #6 on Apple’s US Parenting Podcast charts, aims to bridge the divide between moms and dads, uniting them in a way the parenting world often fails. Now in its second season, the celebrated podcast welcomes dads to not only enter the inner circle but allows them the permission to fall on their faces and learn how to be better. DILF offers an opportunity to find community and a space to vocalize fears and normalize the pressures we all feel as humans, let alone as parents… and most importantly to show moms that they are NOT alone… dads are here and ready to share the mental load.

Seasons 1 and 2 of DAD I’D LIKE TO FRIEND are presently available wherever you get your podcasts

You can also join in on the conversation by visiting @DILFpodcast on Instagram

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